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Helinox are highly committed to bringing the best, innovative, well designed, strong yet lightweight products to the market that are the choice of the professionals. With 20 years of experience DAC technology, used by Helinox, has gathered information and input from hundreds of the world's most active and experienced outdoor adventurers that has been refined and taken into account when manufacturing and designing these fantastic products by some of the best engineers and designers in the business.
With investment into a new manufacturing and research facility to keep up with product demand and to keep on improving these products, Helinox has the most technically advanced specialist facility in the world. Like you, Helinox are a group of people who love nature, care for nature and enjoy the outdoors. Technicians in the assembly department work in natural light filtered though a pond in the rooftop water garden. This philosophy extends to the processes used in creating outdoor adventure equipment.


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Helinox Chair One
Was: £90.00
Now: £80.00